'.....May you always find a home here, at Christ the King....'

Welcome Home


There are many reasons why Catholics sometimes take an extended leave-of absence in our relationship with the Lord through the Catholic Church.  We may be pushed away by painful experiences within the Church.  We may be pulled away by the distractions of the world.  We may simply drift away because our faith never had a mature foundation. 

Christ the King Catholic Church offers you a safe place to be listened to, a place to ask questions and update your faith as an adult, a place for understanding and healing … a place to be “Welcomed Home.”

Welcome Home is a ministry to welcome those who drifted away from the Catholic Church for whatever reasons.  A series of seven weekly sessions for individuals who are considering renewing their relationship with the Catholic Church.  This series “gently” invites, welcomes, and assists individuals on their journey home through a series of discussions on the Church, its sacraments, and practices. The discussions are interactive with the purpose of providing information and answering questions, no matter what they may be. 



I am thinking of returning to the Catholic Church. Do I have to go through some kind of program in order to do this?

If you are a Catholic who has been baptized and received First Holy Communion, you do not need to go through any program.  Receive the sacrament of Reconciliation and begin coming to church! You are invited, if you desire, to join our Welcome Home program to discuss any concerns you might have and refresh your faith. If you are a baptized Catholic seeking to complete your initiation by receiving the sacrament of Confirmation, you do need to complete the 7-week Welcome Home program.

I am not registered in your parish. Can I still return?

Of course! The important thing is reconnecting with Jesus Christ through a faith community. This is your Church … we miss you and will do everything we can to help you return to the active practice of your faith. Whether or not you eventually register here at Christ the King or another parish is entirely your choice.

If I return to the Church, will I need to go to confession? Or can I just come to Mass?

If you are a baptized Catholic, you are always welcome to come to Mass! There are no prerequisites or conditions for attending and participating at Mass. However, before receiving Holy Communion you will most likely want to celebrate the sacrament of God’s mercy and reconciliation. Our regularly scheduled time for the sacrament of Reconciliation is Saturday at 8:30 am or by appointment.

I was not married in the Catholic Church. Does this affect my return to the Church?

If you are in your first marriage, then having your marriage recognized by the Church should be quite simple. If either you or your spouse has been married before, we can still help you, but it will likely take more time. It would be best to make an appointment with one of the priests to discuss any previous marriages. You are still welcome to join our sessions as you work through this process.

I have been divorced. Does this affect my return? What if I am remarried?

Divorce in and of itself does not affect your status in the Church, including participation in the sacraments like Holy Eucharist and Reconciliation. A divorced person, not remarried outside the Church, can participate fully in the sacraments. If you are remarried outside the Church, without a declaration of nullity regarding the first marriage, you may still attend Mass and actively participate in the life of the parish community even though you cannot receive Holy Communion.  It may be beneficial for you to make an appointment with our priests to learn what is involved for the Church to recognize your present marriage.

I am not a Catholic, but am curious about the Catholic Church. What should I do?

In your situation, the Church offers the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). The RCIA is a gradual process of information, spiritual formation, and inner transformation through which adults learn about Catholic belief and practice and discern possible initiation into the life of the Catholic Christian community. To register or for more information about our parish RCIA process, contact Maria Oswald at mariao@ctkccnv.org.

Is there any cost associated with the parish Welcome Home program?

Absolutely not! We provide hospitality as well as numerous handouts appropriate to the weekly topic. All you need to bring is yourself!

When does this program start?

We like to start this program when we have about 7 or more people who are interested so please signup / share your information with Maria Oswald at mariao@ctkccnv.org