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Catechists Needed

Catechists and Assistants Needed For Faith Formation

Would you like to take part in the great privilege of forming the hearts and minds of future generations in the Catholic faith? Our parish Faith Formation Program relies on the dedicated and generous service of volunteers who serve as parish catechists and assistants. If you would like to serve our CTK parish community by helping to hand-on the Catholic faith to children in grades kindergarten through high school, become a volunteer catechist or assistant today!

Parish Faith Formation classes are currently held on Sundays and Wednesdays — September through May, once a week. For more information contact the faith formation office at (702) 871-1904 ext. 288 or email Maria Oswald, Director of Religious Education.

The ministry of catechist is one of the oldest ministries of the Church. A “catechist” is one who teaches the principles of Christian dogma, discipline, and ethics to prepare people for participation in Christian life. The word “catechesis” means to echo or to resound, an appropriate meaning for what a catechist does in passing of the faith tradition to the children of our parish.

To be a catechist, you must:

  • be a practicing Catholic
  • be in communion with the Church
  • complete a ministry application
  • be fingerprinted and complete the CMG Connect online
  • continue your own faith formation and not afraid to learn